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Two diplomas from different medical schools!

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Hi everybody!!!
I have graduated two medical schools. One from Former Soviet country (2008) another one from Europe (2010).

I have transferred my credits from my first medical school and was enrolled at the 4 years in a European medical school.

So I have now 2 medical diplomas. Now I want to take USMLE. For me it is easier to submit European Diploma. I am in Europe now. It would be easier to fill in the form 186.
What do u think, does ECFMG accept my European diploma?

It is very difficult to fill in 186 from my first medical school. (travel expanses, time ..etc)


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Is it the case that you graduated from your first medical school and again graduated from the second medical school?

When you apply in the ECFMG, they'll ask you if you have transferred credits. To answer that question, look at the final medical school transcript issued to you from your second European medical school and see if they mentioned about that transferred credit and answer that question accordingly.
I will receive my European diploma in a month. I think, they will not mention about transferred credits. In a such case, should i mention about transferred credits?

Thank you
Woow! Graduating from two medical schools!

If your second European medical school used your previous credit to enroll you in a certain level, they will definitely mention that.
Note, I am talking about the "Final Medical School Transcript" not the Diploma. In the Diploma they don't mention your credits. It's the transcript that mentions the credit.
So I think you should check with your college and discuss with them how would they handle your transferred credit.
My guess is that ultimately you will have to inform the ECFMG about it because your college will mention it in the transcript.
Thank you. It is now clear
I will wait my diploma and final transcript. I will send to ECFMG both diplomas and transcripts. I do hope, they will take my European one.
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