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questions 1 and 2 are linked:

a 54-year old man came to the ED with complaints of fever, chills, headache, and cough productive of minimal sputum. he had been attending a conference at a local hotel for the past week. on exam he appeared ill and was in moderate respiratory distress. over the course of the next three days, several more individuals came in with similar complaints.
1. laboratory studies are more likely to show:
a. increased serum pH
b. increased serum K+ concentration
c. decreased serum Na+ concentration
d. increased serum Ca+ concentration
e. increased serum HCO3- concentration

2. in evaluating the course of the illness, which of the following is most appropriate?
a. direct urine Ag to identify Legionella pneumonia.
b. blood cultures to identify S. pneumonia
c. lung biopsy to identify Pneumocystis jiroveci
d. DFA of nasopharyngeal secretion to identify influenza virus
e. serology using paired sera to identify C. pneumonia

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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