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Always forgetting your Type I and Type II muscle fibers! Just remember your Turkey's or Chicken's meat :)
We all know that our Turkey's legs are redder and more fatty while chest and wings are whiter and less fatty.
This helps us to remember that

  • Type I muscle fibers (slow twitch and high endurance postural weight bearing just like the Turkey's leg). Why they are red (more myoglobin, aerobic) and the fatty legs remind us that these muscle mostly depend on fatty acid oxidation as their source of energy.
  • Type II muscle fibers (fast twitch and rapid fatigue for short quick bursts just like when your Turkey and chicken tries to fly using their wings) Why they are white (more lactate, lact=milk! anaerobic) since the chicken's wings are less fatty then they rely more on glycogen as a source of energy not fatty acids.

Hope that makes sense...

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how red and white muscle relates to motor unit size?

Kaplan physiology note says:
The white muscle - larger mass per motor unit. one example are eye muscle.
The red muscle - small mass per motor unit.

As I know smaller the muscle and fine movement it does smaller the motor unit. This doesn't fit with eye muscles.

Can anyone explain?
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