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My post is relating to the clinical experience component of the US residency application.

I am an IMG based in the UK and will be doing my USMLE steps in the UK. While preparing for my exams over the coming months, I aim to do a 3-month clinical attachment/rotation in Internal Medicine at one or two UK hospitals. To satisfy the application requirement of letters of recommendation (LORs), I will gain these from UK consultants/attendings of whom I will have worked with..

While I appreciate that US clinical experience is more desirable and is stated as a clear prerequisite for IM residency, my time is very limited as I am only starting to prepare for Step 1 as of now. Having said that, I still hope to do an observership/externship after Step 2 CS when I go to the US and hopefully gain a LOR from a US physician.

Is this a good action plan?
So if I were to obtain 1 US LOR and 3 UK LORs, will this satisfy clinical experience requirements?
Are UK clinical rotations highly regarded by Program Directors for IM residency programs?

I have searched through previous posts regarding how valuable UK clinical experience and LORs are, however, there are no definitive answers. I look forward to hearing about your opinions on the matter.

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