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I am a UK Medical student, and I'd like to apply for residency in the US when the time comes.

I understand you have to sit the USMLE which is only valid for 6/7 years, and if you do decide to go to the US you'd have to retrain in the UK should you return for whatever reason.

This is a costly and very time-consuming process I understand that too.

But I am seriously considering it. I have heard it is insanely competitive for those interested in surgical specialties such as Cardio and neuro (what I want to do).

Can anyone here who has successfully gone through this whole process advise me.
Would you recommend it?
What was the best/worst parts?

Is it possible for a UK medical student studying at a non-prestigous university to be accepted at a well known program in the US (think Mass Gen etc)..?

Look forward to the responses :)
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