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Did you know - you can update your Personal Statements after you’ve submitted?

According to the AAMC: “Personal Statements can be edited at any point during the application season – even when assigned to programs applied to.”

So, if you rushed your statement and submitted one that is less than ideal, or you haven’t yet applied, you can (and should) ensure your Personal Statement has been updated and refined.

See Full Guide: Writing the Personal Statement from Start to Finish

Unsure about your Personal Statement? You can still get quick and professional assistance optimizing your residency statement:

Editing (S-ES): (Choose Expedite Option - 24-48 hours)**
Perfecting your current Personal Statement to meet the residency program committee expectations.

Writing (S-WS): (Choose Expedite Option - 3-5 days)**
Helping you construct your Personal Statement based on the information you provide through a comprehensive questionnaire.

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