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Need advice...I just cleared step 2 CK but with low marks I have 75 in step1 and 76 in step2 these really suck naaaaaa.. tell me wat shud I do now?? should I apply in this match 2011 with these low marks n no USA experience and appear in CS in November yaaaaaaa or should I wait one year do research and clear step3...but abt step 3 I have heard its necessary for h1 visa and I don't require any at moment finding a research job would it be best??? and please guide me abt match should I apply?? I would be now 3 year old graduate by 2011 match...!!! I am a US citizen that's the only edge I got right now...

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Here's what I think

You Step 1 and Step 2 CK scores cannot be changed. So you have to dilute their effects by adding extracurricular stuff to your CV.

The biggest three things that you can do to boost your chances are:

  1. Pass the CS from first attempt
  2. Do research
  3. Make connections
Step 3 is not going to be helpful because even if you get 99 that will not increase your chances because they look at Step 1 and CK scores first.

I'd say your chances of matching this year are low. For one reason, you don't have the CS results and you are not yet ECFMG certified (I presume you are an IMG as I read in your profile).

The best plan for you now is to pass the CS then make connections and look for research volunteer and for externships to have USCE so that you get what you want when you apply for the 2012 match.

You may also want to try later this matching season and try your luck with the scramble match after you pass the CS.

The two things good about your case are
US citizenship
Fresh graduate

But these good points will not come to effect unless you pass the CS and get some USCE.

Good luck
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