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Used all the NBMEs Offline, How can I assess myself now?

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i made the offline version of NBME from 1 - 6
and i made the 2 self assessment exams of usmleworld
and they were not bad
but i made the online NBME form 7 and i scored 196 ,
so i cancelled my exam and i studied again
and now i want to assess myself again - so i can know if there is any improvement or not and if i ready for the exam or not - what can i do?
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You really shouldn't have used up all the NBMEs offline - they are not meant to be a learning tool - they are supposed to be a diagnostic tool instead. You're left without a reliable indicator now, unfortunately. Don't despair though. There is still the free 150 questions available from the NBME themselves. The only other recommendation that I have is possibly a qbank like USMLEConsult or the new Kaplan Qbank (after about June 2010 if you haven't subscribed to it during that time) that you haven't touched yet. If you are getting in the >65% range in 8 sequential random timed blocks I'd say you're close to ready - but it has to be 8 blocks in a row and it has to be taken online under exam conditions.

Good luck... let me know what you end up doing and maybe I can guide a little further...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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