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Hey guys:happy:, i have started a new way of learning very complex concepts with the help of 3D designs and animation. Its a you-tube course on my channel "Medical 3D". I tried my best to explain thing in a very simple and comparative manner. You dont have to remember anything. Everything i explain, i can show you right there with the help 3D and animation. If you think you can overcome the fear of leaving old standard book based learning, you will develop outstanding concepts, and remember, USMLE is all about how strong your concepts are. I have cleared all my steps with 250+ scores and i understand what USMLE wants from us.
The link to my you tube channel is : Happy-2
you can also go to my facebokk page where i constantly upload video links.

Please like, comment, share and subscribe if you think its a good resource.
I am uploading these lectures day by day, so if you want the latest updates dont forget to subscribe. Good luck for your journey!!
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