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I tried to search the forum to find a thread about methods of actually taking the exam with no success. For example Some people skip the 15 question intro and muscle through the first two Blocks and take an extra long break. I like the intro skipping part but, I am not convinced that this is the best method for me. Also I am not sure how test day schedules differ from a practice test day ie. How strict the test centers are with breaks:eek:. I was wondering if anyone has some input as how i should manage my blocks for maximum yield.

Thanks! :happy:


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Yes, the practice is like the real exam

Hi Willy,

Yes, during the practice test you will be experiencing exactly the same exam environment including the break time and the skipping of introduction option. The only difference is that it will be four blocks instead of 7 blocks.

I recommend you read the following threads;

Also check these two lists;

Exam Taking


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