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Hi All USMLE aspirants,

I will be starting my own USMLE online tutoring services for USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 2 CS as well as consulting services for Securing USCE, Residency application,interviews.

First of all, congratulation to all USMLE aspirants who have decided to taken an exciting but learning journey . USMLE step 1 exam is most important exam as it creates foundation for future USMLE steps.

Why tutoring is helpful?

In USMLE its more important to know the concepts of the subjects than reading many times. By tutoring, you can clear you doubts on one-to one basis as your convenience or time.You also learn which topics are more important and need greater focus. Being clear about the concepts helps not only built confidence but also help you in tackling difficult questions with ease.

Online Tutoring Vs Other classes

The biggest advantage is learning on one-to one basis as per your convenience of time and difficulty level .

It's like studying with a study partner for the particular step with the motivation and support but minus the hassle of lagging behind.

You can just focus on the topics you find difficult while tackling the easier topics on your own. Also not to mention personal tutoring is cheaper comparatively as its charged on hourly basis and more result yielding as you work not just on concepts but also on your weaker areas.

Most of available tutors have never gone through USMLE journey or have done it a long time back. Both these factors are to my advantage as I am have done it recently as well as completed the entire process from scratch on own.Thus, I help not just as a guidance but also as a peer who is easy to talk with as I have walked the journey before.

How online tutoring works?

I provide Skype based video tutoring as well as Gmail based query solving. As most of you are aware from USMLE forums that I completed all my USMLE steps on first attempt with good score that fetched me good Residency Interviews.

With my extensive knowledge on first hand basis I can help you not just in studying for steps but also as a guidance for your USMLE journey.

What materials?

It depends on your need and demand. We can go through Kaplan material, Q-bank & First-Aids or MTB or as per your need.

For more information about pricing, please take a time to contact me.

E-mail:[email protected]

I also blog at
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