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USMLE process guide now available in iphone and ipad

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A complete USMLE process guide for iPhone and iPad

This module will:

  • Provide you a detailed guide of all the steps needed in order to practice as a physician in the United States.
  • Let you know exactly how long will the whole process take and how long will each individually step take.
  • Let you know the total cost of the entire process.
  • Let you know the basic requirements that are necessary to have in order to practice as a physician in the United States.
  • Answer your entire related question about the whole process.
Links for download/purchase
USMLE Process Guide for iPhone
USMLE Process Guide for iPad

Here's slideshow video presentation of some screenshots

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Price is too high

This is looking great but unfortunately the price is too high ($39.99) when we compare it to similar apps for the iPhone.

Is there any chance that you decrease the price so that I can buy it?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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