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Q- Which of the following is the target LDL in a patient with diabetes?
A- Less than 70
B- 70-100
C- 100-130
D- More than 130

Q- Erythema infectiosum (Fifth disease) is caused by which of the following organism?
A- Coxsackie A virus
B- Paramyxovirus
C- Parvovirus B19
D- Rubella virus

Q- Which of the following differentiates physiologic jaundice from pathologic jaundice?
A- Bilirubin in physiologic jaundice rises higher than 5 mg/dL/day
B- Bilirubin peaks at higher levels (> 15 mg/dL) in physiologic jaundice
C- Direct bilirubin is lower than 10% of total bilirubin in physiologic jaundice
D- Physiologic jaundice is present in the first 24 hours of life

Answer and Explanation
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