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They offer coupon codes ALL THE TIME for their Qbank

I spent $100 on a 6 month subscription

With Black Friday coming up there should be tons of great deals on the bank, just be patient and buy it

It is definitely worth to buy it bc the FA page is in HD quality right under the answer explanations

When you do tutor mode and you click an answer the description appears right next to the answers, which is a great feature that I wish other banks used as well

Honestly the fact First Aid is there, the fact tutor mode is so great, and the fact you can screen shot and copy and paste the answer explanations u ahve trouble with into a word document makes $100 a bargain for 6 months

You could also probably get a 3 month sub for around $50-70 with a coupon code be patient scour the net and u should be able to get a code

Good luck with your studies
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