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Hello, guys, my name is Alexander. I have passed Step 1 with score of 241. Biochemistry and Physiology were at the maximum level.

During my medical school I used to explain difficult aspects of basic sciences to my peers, and always got great responses. I have experience in preparing to USMLE Step 1. I prepared students and their scores increased on 20 points in average. Biochem increased from "below the average" to "high performance".

The most important thing -- I really enjoyed studying Step 1, and I will help you to enjoy it too.
I am an international medical graduate, so I know how difficult Step 1 can be for non-US students and I will help you overcome all the obstacles. Currently I am working as extern in busy outpatient clinic, so I can always bring clinical correlation for basic science questions.

I will provide all necessary videos, all pdf books, and textbooks «White, Gross Anatomy» and «BRS Physiology».

I promise, it will be fun.

- 100% flexible
- Willing to travel to your location
- $30 per hour.
- First 1-hour lesson is free.
- Fluent in English and Russian.

You can reach me -
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