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So.. I have a bit of a doubt.. I know this will be a problem but I wanna see if there's a way to get around it since my test is supposed to be on the 27th of this month..

Thing is I'm an international med student. My birth name is Cristian.. upon entry on the US and as I was getting my SSN I requested to have my name to be spelled as Christian.. now all of my papers back in my country (Dominican Republic) are listed as Cristian, so as you'd imagine everything career related is under my name without the "h".

I was thinking that since I still have all of my IDs from the Dominican Rep and my passport I would just take those forms of ID to Prometrics. Thing is it says I should show my Green Card to them as well and my name in there is spelled as "Christian". I already said I was living in the US and I think somewhere in there I typed my SSN.

It's just a mute letter.. doesn't truly make much of a difference but I just wanna make sure I won't have a problem considering how close I am to this date.

Please anybody with experience please share
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