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As far as I know that it used to be 50 questions per block then it was reduced 48 questions per block.
Now, I've got friends assuring me that they again reduced that to 46 questions per block!

Can you please guide me, how many questions are there in USMLE step 1? I tried looking in the USMLE website but I could not find the answer!

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USMLE Step 1 Number of Questions

The number of Step 2 CK questions has gone down from 46 per block to 44 per block read this thread for details

While for USMLE step 1 questions it has remained the same, which is 48 questions per block or 336 questions if you multiply by 7 blocks.

To confirm my word read these official USMLE pages
USMLE Bulletin 2010
USMLE Bulletin 2009

Read exactly the first paragraph after the heading "Test Length and Format"

You will notice the difference between 2009 and 2010 with regard to Step 2 CK (370 in 2009 and then 352 in 2010) but no difference in USMLE Step 1 (336 in both years).

Moreover, I've got two friends who have taken the test recently and both of them assured me that there were 48 questions per block.
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