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Hello everyone,

Hope all is well. I need some help please. I have posted regarding this topic before but I would greatly appreciate it if I can get some other feedback as well. Thanks to all the other people who have given me feedback. I took my Step 2 CS recently and I am so nervous and worried about it obviously.

DISCLAIMER: Naturally I can't give any specific details regarding the case as this would violate USMLE's confidentiality agreement.

So my question is as follows.

I had a Peds case and my whole HPI, ROS, PMH with the works like Allergies etc., obviously no PE, DDx and Diagnostic workup was complete except for the fact that I only put one Diagnosis but it was one of the top DDx, and I missed a major diagnostic study but did put some diagnostic studies. Am I going to fail the ICE component because of these mistakes. I know that no one can tell for sure but based on other people's experiences, will I fail that case or will I at least pass with a low pass since i completed all the other stuff. This is really bothering me so if anyone can give me some pure, honest, and sincere advice, I would be really grateful !!!!!! Thanks to everyone else who answered my other questions on this wonderful forum. Again thanks
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