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Kaplan Medical recently released a new pocket guide that is targeting residents preparing for the USMLE Step 3.

Usually, it's a big question. What to read for the USMLE Step 3? Residents have been compiling all sorts of notes and combining various books all across the board trying to have a short comprehensive yet concise approach to an exam that has more failure rates than any other USMLE steps specially among AMGs.

So Kaplan figured out this problem and released this book. It's not a pocket book in the strict meaning of the name as it is composed of 448 pages. But the format is in the form of bulleted lists, algorithms, tables, and figures which should make cramming rather easier.

You can purchase the book from Amazon (currently at a reduced price).

The book will be added to our Best Step 3 Books Poll and let's see how it does.
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