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USMLE World Q bank

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Hello everyone. Can anyone please guide me that how much the Q bank of USMLE World changes each year? I am planning to appear in january 2016 for step 1 and i have bought offline version of USMLE world 2014. Should it suffice or i have to buy another one printed in 2015? How much this Q bank(offline) printed each year differs from the previous one?:scared::scared:
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I don't think so u need to buy offline again, I have the 2010 version and 2014 versions offline and both have a very lil difference, so may be each year they just add 4 or 5 questions. next year You can buy the online version and use the offline version now.
Thanks dr Ali for replying. You gave me a good suggestion. thanks
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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