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USMLE World Self Assessment Exams Accuracy of Prediction

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Hi guys!!

has anyone of you done the USMLE WORLD SELF ASSESSMENT EXAMS??
If you have done it then can you please tell me how good they are on predicting the scores right??
I did one of those...the questions were pretty tough ..
My score was 590 with 3 digit score 238...
Got about 19 days for the exam ..hope i am going in the right direction..
any valuable suggestions are pretty much welcome..
cheers ...:)
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USMLE World Self Assessment Over predicted

In my case it over predicted.

It said that I'll get 242 while my actual score was 232, so it's not as good as the NBME but it's not bad either.

I suggest you do both UWSA1 and UWSA2 and take the average, this should give you better idea.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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