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USMLE World; Should we do all questions?

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Does it matter to solve all USMLE world questions?

and if so how much time i need to finish them all?

Another thing the USMLE World SA 1,2
Should I buy the whole package qbank+SA or i should buy them separately according to my schedule and when is best to buy SA cause i think it is good to buy it the same NBME Week or what

SA=Usmle World Self Assessment

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this is my schedule and in the solving question section i will start together with solving question reviewing but it will be from FA and notes i attached to when i was studying
and yes kaplan qbank will be used before UW as u see in the schedule

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wow..u are schedule looks pretty nice..wish i was so organised..:happy:
do ahead wit this if u stick wit schedule i think u gonna do pretty well.u should also add kaplan Q book to this and also questions for step 1 by fa authors.
about u world self assessment i am not the best person to advice because i m not gonna do it!! only nbme for me now..even that scares the s*** outta me!!!:redcheeks;
kaplan qbook and pretest will be done on the weeks i take kaplan qbank cause on those weeks i will only take blocks for the last 2 or 3 subject i studied only so that will give me time for QBook and pretest

also if i finish early in the subject time period i will do kaplan qbook and pretest
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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