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PassMedicine which is known in providing online qbanks for tests like the MRCP and MRCS is now launching yet another qbank, this time it's targeting the USMLE and the service is called USMLEStat.

One of the most important differences from the traditional qbanks such as Kaplan or USMLE World is the availability of USMLEStat mobile version. This allows accessing the bank, statistics, progress, ..etc completely on a mobile device, any mobile device, not just the iPhone or Android.

This gives them a big step forward compared to others who are still lagging behind in providing mobile access to online qbanks.

Another big thing, is that they offer it for free! Yes, 1000 of Step 1 questions and four months access for free!

However, there are several drawbacks that I found in USMLEStat. The questions are not (USMLE-style), they are not clinical scenarios, there are no images or multimedia items and the difficulty level is way below what's currently seen in the USMLE exam. Also the website has several technical errors and even many Typos!

It looks like they used their existing pool of MRCP/MRCS questions and presenting them as USMLE questions. This is not ideal for a successful USMLE bank.

Nevertheless, the service has just launched recently, let's see if they come up with improvements in the future.
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