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both but world is better

I have both Qbanks. I definitely like World better. Here is why...

1. It is easier to scroll through World's explanations. May sound picky but it makes a difference when you are talking about thousands of questions between now and Step.
2. I like the test analysis part of World better. I'm sure all of the same info is there for Kaplan but it is laid out better on World. You can easily see your averages and percentiles for each division and see how you percentage has changed over time.
3. I cannot figure out how to undo highlighting in Kaplan! It is driving me crazy.
4. World is installed on your desktop while you have to go to Kaplan's website. (not great if you have internet issues or your computer "freezes" during a block)

Kaplan PRO - it has references to First Aid for each question BUT it references 2010 FA not 2011

Since I have already subscribed to both I decided to use Kaplan questions for Subject Exam practice questions and stick with World for general Step practice questions. In the end, I hope to get through both at least once.

PS. You can get a "Free Trial" of the Kaplan QBank. It has 300 questions as is set up just like the QBank you buy. If you find the same things I listed above bothersome, you will like World better.
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