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Sky Asphalt Composite material Cloud Gas

Cheap Shipping Containers: We offer the best shipping containers for sale near me. Our products are of high quality and are sold at an affordable price.

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Here are some available shipping containers

Message us for your delivery to be proceed -General Specifications 40ft container.

Floor Area 305sqft (28.33m²)

Cubic Capacity 2360 cu ft (66.83m³)

Weight 4 tons (4.06 tonnes)

External Dimensions

Length 40ft (12.19m)

Width 8ft (2.44m)

Height 8ft 6ins (2.59m)

Internal Dimensions

Length 39ft 4ins (12.00m)

Width 7ft 7ins (2.33m)

Height 7ft 9ins (2.35m)

Height 7ft 9ins (2.35m)
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