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UWSA Forms Expire in 2 weeks!

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Guys I'm about to buy UW for 2 months and I wanted to buy the USWA also. 1 and 2. But it says USWA is for 2 weeks. If I buy it right now it will expire in 2 weeks??????:confused:
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No, what that means is that once you activate the assessment exam you have 2 weeks to do it, review or whatever you wanna do with it. So 2 weeks applies to when you activate the exam itself. I have been using UWorld for about 3 months now and have not activated the exam yet. Once I do, I will have up to 2 weeks to open it up and etc. You get what I mean?
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I'm sorry..was is this USWA about? I haven't heard of it...I'm thinking about getting a subscription soon so...thanx.
It is an assessment exam that you can buy through UWorld. Either with the subscription you buy as a package or individually. They are assessment exams I believe containing about 192 USMLE type questions to assess yourself and see how you do.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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