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Vessel Compliance with increasing age

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does it increases with age or decrease ?
Dr Kudrath in 2010 kaplan said that it decreases as vascular smooth muscle degenerate

but BRS says compliance dec as arteries harden :confused:

is it something like arterial compliance vs totalsystemic compliance thing ? :rolleyes:
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What's the conflict?:( It seems like the two just say the same thing in slightly different language?
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Compliance decreases as age increase
As age increases, the elastic fibre content of the arteries decrease, so they are unable to expand and recoil properly, hence decreased compliance.

I hope i made it clearer.
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yes,both of them are indicating towards isolated systolic HTN.

smooth muscle degen= arteries hardened= compliance decreased = systolic increased as more pressure required to pass the same amount of blood.

arterial compliance/total sys compliance are same,if you ask me,might be wrong too.

these things are a bit tricky,i know.
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what i meant to say is that dr Kudrath said that smooth muscle cell decrease hence elasticity decreases and then compliance must increase
BRS says compliance dec as arteries harden
I wasnt sure if BRS is talking bout Arterial compliance only or total systemic complinace :notsure:

is there even a term like total systemic compliance ? :notsure:

Sorry bout the previous post :eek: such a glaring typo , please dont flame me for this :scared:
I think u r confusing the pulmonary compliance with vascular compliance. Compliance means the change is volume per change in pressure.

Now a question, which lung will have more compliance the lung of a healthy new born child or a healthy 50 yr old person...

The answer would be 50 yr old person because as the age increases we loose the elastic fibers, this would decrease the lung recoil & increase the compliance.

Now the age related changes in the arteries are totally different. We have hardening of the arteries with age due to atherosclerosis which makes them less distensible, as a result, decreasing the compliance.
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I think you hammered the nail on its head , i re-viewed the lecture and he quoted the example of lung .
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