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viral infection in transplant patient

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Three weeks after a renal transplant, a patient develops fever and leukopenia, followed by prostration and severe pulmonary and hepatic dysfunction. Which of the following is the most likely viral cause?

(A) Adenovirus type 12
(B) Coxsackievirus
(C) Cytomegalovirus
(D) Influenza virus
(E) Parvovirus B19
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nice question

i am not sure , is it parvovirus 19?
oh no!

I would go for.. adenovirus. :( I don't know.

Cmv is one of the most common infections in immunsosupression
the prove is by the lung and the liver infection that CMV CAUSES in immunsusperession the others viruses do not cause those type of infections
C- cmv

that s a reactivation of cytomegalovirus in an immunocompromised patient.All herpes viridae have the ability to do that kind of stuff
The ans. is CYTOMEGALOVIRUS . there is reactivation in transplanted organ causing interstitial pneumonitis and systemic diseases.
yes guys. the answer is C-CMV. :) thanks for the explanations! :happy:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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