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hey guys, Im in India right now. done with step 1.( 95)

Pls tell me, is it essential for one to complete CK before the visa interview?

I scheduled my interview for 24th march and my CK is on 28th april. is that getting me in trouble? do I need to change the interview date?

(I do have several close relatives in the US.)

pls reply asap..

What Visa are you applying for?
Student Visa! What course are you applying?
Tourist Visa! Then there's no difference whether you do or not do CK

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oh thankgod....Iv applied for a tourist visa. B1/B2.

so it shudnt be a problem I guess...

so worried bt it that iv wasted 2 days not studying...:(
thanks u guys.
hey sharvaree, so finally did u manage to get ur visa? Did the embassy guys knew u had given step 1. can u plz elaborate ur full interview exp and the questions they asked ? It can be helpfull to me as well as others .
Thanks in advance.
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