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First I want to ask about the pain fibers that pass in the splanching nerves....Are there 2 pathways in the same splanchnic nerve? one efferent for sympathetic & another afferent for visceral pain ?

The second question, Thoracic Splanchnic nerves don't synapse in the paravertebral ganglia, they pass it & synapse under diaphragm in the prevertebral ganglia to supply the Abdominal viscera...but how the Thoracic visceral pain fibers accompany these thoracic splanchinc nervers although the latter descend to the abdomen ??

The last question, since sympathetic nerves make the grey ramus ....But the sympathetic distribution is the thoracolumbar T1-L2, i.e 14.
Why there are 31 grey ramii ? What is the function of the remaining 17 (31-14=17) grey rami ??
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