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:indifferent::indifferent: I get my usmle id and start to apply for step 1 ...

i want to ask that i will take the exam in i choose the location Middle east or Asia..

Also i have no specific address and they ask me about my address so what to write......

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middle east no doubt

choose middle east
write your real address even if it is not in the country of taking exam.. you can change it anytime through OASIS or
write address of one of your relatives or friends you trust after taking his permission
good luck

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i want to ask that iam know live in lebanon ... but my address is not clear,,there is no street name no building name so what
yes ! it's not every where in the world we have street names etc!
so there is always something like
your name
post office box...
then middle east etc.

once you find yourself in any country this can be an address
or if you dont have post office box number pls get from somebody you can easy get you mail from!
good luck. if not you have to wait to get your own address that you would be satisfied and by that time may be you woul be late in your application.
i hope this helps.
all the best.
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