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Warming up for Step 2 CK - some questions

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I have some questions about Step 2 CK prep material:

  1. I have Kaplan lecture notes & videos 2007 ed. Are there any newer versions, and should I upgrade if there are any?
  2. Is First Aid for Step 2 CK as good and recommended as that for Step 1? If not, is there any alternative?
  3. In general, is preparing for Step 2 CK different from Step 1 prep? Anything I should be aware of?
I'd appreciate your insights.
Thank you.
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I was in the same condition b4 the start of my ck journey.... I've completed the first read of Kaplan Notes, I was told by Lee that the videos are not necessary for ck.... Only psychiatry and obs/gyne may need the videos ( provided that u don't understand the notes without it)... I would recommend u the same ... not to waste ur time with videos for the rest of the subjects......
I have already started the second read of Kap notes...completed internal medicine and am now doing its relevant UW questions.... I'm just in the 6th block of IM questions in it and my performance is 60 %.... could somebody tell me how am I going?????:confused:

Thanks for your comments...

I'm in UW questions of IM. So far I've just done about 400 questions..... will inform u once I finish all the subjects.... and according to my performance I will fix an exam date, however January may be suitable I think....:confused:

I'd like to know about your plans as well....
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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