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Warming up for Step 2 CK - some questions

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I have some questions about Step 2 CK prep material:

  1. I have Kaplan lecture notes & videos 2007 ed. Are there any newer versions, and should I upgrade if there are any?
  2. Is First Aid for Step 2 CK as good and recommended as that for Step 1? If not, is there any alternative?
  3. In general, is preparing for Step 2 CK different from Step 1 prep? Anything I should be aware of?
I'd appreciate your insights.
Thank you.
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I have the 2008-2009 kaplan lecture notes for CK. Where did you get the 2007 videos? I've been looking for videos, you can pm me for that info
I have them on CDs. I was told by that who provided them to me that they're 2007 edition, may be they are not? :eek:

What is the latest edition anyway? Is there a 2010 edition like those for Step 1?
Still I haven't figured out the latest edition of the Kaplan videos and notes.. Does anyone know? :cool:
The one's available for download via various websites are 2001 edition. I've searched extensively but never found another latest edition. Maybe the ones you have on disk are different, but if you find out the difference, please let me know.
I've just tried the first Surgery CD. The video is in avi format, with resolution of 304 x 144 px (quite bad!), and the Dr is called Carlos Pestana (if I'm not mistaken).

From the poor quality of A/V, I'd guess it's the same old version you're talking about!

Is this the one you all have? I think in addition to the poor quality, the content of the notes and the scope of the exam have changed considerably from 2001, so I guess those videos are pretty useless. What do you think? :notsure:
We do have the latest notes, so i think that if we follow the notes and manage to understand the lectures as well (even if they're old), it's gonna help in understanding the notes as well. Things may have been added from 2001, but the basic concepts remain unchanged. After finishing kaplan material, i'll go for uworld and test what i've learnt. What do you say?
I've actually watched all Step 1 videos, but those were fairly recent, and you know Step 1 is kinda tricky. Many people say watching videos for CK is not necessary especially if one has just given Step 1 exam. This, in addition to the videos being very old and poor in quality, makes me think about not watching the videos.

Could somebody provide us with some insights about those videos? Should we really watch them? :notsure:
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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