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P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { } Hi,

i found this forum to be very helpful when preparing for step1 and 2 ck. i did the usmle step 1 and 2 ck resently and want to share my preparation process. It took me 2 month for each step. i got 239 and 246.

I did Qbanks on a daily basis for 2-3h the entire two month. That paid off very well 'cause the real exam is just MCQs. So that was the best preparation and i would highly recommend that. Thats what i used:
Kaplan qBank (good quality, plus additional resources if u have that time)
rexmedicus (good quality, very cheap)
usmle world (same as kaplan, but slightly cheaper, no additional resources)

Same time i reviewed most topics by reading/testing some of the following resources
First month: used mainly resource material like First Aid book, doctors in training videos, Goljan and firecracker to review topics. I did the following each day: viewed half of DiT videos of one day (so i needed double the time of what DiT proposed) and worked on the according

Second month:
used the qBanks 5-6 hrs each day, and studied 2-3 hrs with the above resources like 1st month.

Perseverance is key for those exams! Better do less a day but stick with doing something every day. Good luck!

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