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I applied to the match for the second time. My scores are 94/98/CSPass/89. I am an IMG 14 years since graduation.
Last match I got one interview and no match.
This match I got no interview even!

I am 38 years old.

My neighbour who's also an IMG immigrant. Came with me to USA 6 years ago. He did not take the USMLE path but instead he joined a medical school!

He's going to graduate this summer. He's also 38 years old. His USMLE scores are 83/87.

He interviewed 8 interviews in anesthesiology and he was assured a match next July!

Isn't that a misery :(

I just don't understand why residency programs hates old graduates. :mad:

I was thinking that they hate old graduate because they simply older people and may not be up to the difficult task of doing residency years. But it turns out that's not the case. They just hate the years after graduation. The evidence is my neighbor guy.

I don't think this is logical. How come they don't mind him even if he's as old as I am.

This is really a misery.

I gave up ...


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Going to med school makes you more electable for residency

> may not be up to the difficult task of doing residency years.

Perhaps this is the reason, like you said before, a lot of years before graduation seems to make you not electable for a match, but actually going to med school again shows you will be able to forgo those residency years.
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