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I will start my 5th medical year soon.
Please guide me what are the best books for:

Pediatrics: Kaplan, Blueprints or Nelson Essential??(or any book )
Opthalmo: Lecture Notes or ???
Orthopedics: Apley's or ??
ENT: ??
Dermatology: ??
Radilogy: ??

P.S: I want books that are useful for both university study & American style to be familiar with USMLE material

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No books needed for subspecialties

Talking about USMLE means that no "subspecialty" book is needed.

It's not practical to collect ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Radiology, or any other surgical or medical sub-branch.

These topics are covered fairly enough by general USMLE review books Such as the ones we have them listed in our Best CK Review Books poll. For example Kaplan lecture notes incorporates chapters for all of those subspecialties you mentioned and these chapters coupled with practice should be enough for your USMLE prep.

Most medical students rely on their lecture notes when it comes to these subspecialties and rarely go deeper than that.

The reasoning behind this, is that when you go for the USMLE exam it would be impossible for you to review such a huge number of books. The less number of books you have for the exam the better so that you can review them quickly during the last few weeks of your prep (intellectual enema approach).

Please do not misunderstand me by thinking that knowledge expansion is not good. On the contrary the more books you read and the more information you accumulate certainly going to build you better as a knowledgeable and well informed doctor. My talk here is to gear you up for is the USMLE per se and am not talking about the wider medical knowledge needed for any successful health professional.

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Some tips for you friend:

Pediatrics: Kaplan (very good but not enough), Nelson Essential (too small). You can read from Nelson texbook the most important and what you encounter in your electives. any other sourses is good but these two are enough. I tried many but you couldn't try all becuase pediatric is a big material.
Dermatology: anybook you love.
Radilogy: anybook you love.

If you want to concentrate on american exam preparation books, you should bring them this year (I mean books for STEP-1 AND STEP-2). You don't have to use them all but you can look briefly at them becuase they are good in giving you the important things background which is hidden in many of textbooks and university books.

In a concise words, use the best reference in your university with the usmle STEPs best books to make the best result in both sides.

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If you're still looking for the best books

Kaplan lecture notes to learn the material and First AID (to review the material..NOT learn from it) are pretty much your go to books for medical school if you don't have the time to read through gigantic text books. With so much new information coming each year it's hard to become an expert in everything in medicine. That's why it has become so fragmented.

However, using these review books are your best shot to keeping up to date with medicine in the most concise and time effective way in order to pass your boards.

Fortunately, dermatology questions are on the rise on the boards, which means easy points!!! just by looking at the picture you'll know the answer and will save you lots of precious time on the boards! But, there are not enough good review books out there that cover dermatology without wasting too much time.

I thought it was important to pay it forward.

Dermatology for the USMLE by Alvaro J. Ramos (wont let me post the link so hopefully you can find the book easy online). This review book is an interdisciplinary dermatology review book that teaches you Internal Medicine while learning from the best dermatological pictures coming from Mayo Clinic.

The consistency and effective writing from this book is a breath of fresh air to what I've been using in the pass. Just check it out for yourself. You're going to wish more books like this come out soon.

You're welcome.:)

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Pediatrics: Master the boards Step 2 CK is really good for a general breakdown for general peds knowledge.
First aid step 1 is really good for knowing things like genetics and hematology for even clinical peds. One of professors was blown away when I was able to answer his questions, and they were on pediatric tumors.
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