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Sexual harassment at work in California has become a major issue. It is hard to believe that sexual harassment still occur at workplaces in such a modern city, but it is a sad truth. Fortunately, there is a law in California that offers powerful protection against sexual harassment at workplace.

California's sexual harassment law says that you should not be afraid to fight back against any kind of physical, verbal, visual sexual harassment in workplace, but before going to court, it is important to be aware of conditions that are considered as employment sexual harassment in the court.

In brief, unwanted physical touching, sexually derogatory comments, sending sexually graphic images/videos and increment in exchange of physical relation considered as a sexual harassment in California. It's not important that there is always a sexual motive behind sexual harassment. If your employer is harassing you on the basis of your age gender, color, nation origin, religion past history, medical condition or marital status, you have a right to sue him/her in court.

A sexual harassment victim should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. The great thing is that victim should not worry about his/her reputation, as many lawyers offer free and confidential consultation.
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