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What can i do?

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Hi everyone: Iam new here in this forum, I found it searching in yahoo today. Great forum and very useful, congrats. I taked my USMLE step one last month and i didnt passed,I dont know what to do, if take the step 1 again or study for the CK and take it. What do you think guys? Thanks all.
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Hi: I take it on september 28 and today i received my the score(70). I only used first aid and world but not the online questions.
Not bad for only using FA and USMLEworld.

You are going to have to do online qbanks, since you did usmleWORLD, do:

1- Kaplan Qbank
3- usmleWorld (for a second time)

take NBMEs, online to gauge your score.

Do first aid, but remember its not complete, you need to do more than that.

BRS Physiology
BRS Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetics
Kaplan Notes are a good things as well.

The more qbanks you do, the better off you are. Learn from the qbanks and do reading and understand.
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