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What do they mean by clerkships in the ECFMG Form?

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I am IMG & I want to apply for step1 exam. in application form I saw" Item 21. Clinical Clerkships."

Is it clinical rotations that we had in medical school in different wards?or is it something different?

because i read in another forum that clerkship is basically 'HANDS ON CLINICAL EXPERIENCE'
WHICH U HAVE TO GAIN IN 'US' WHILE YOU ARE STILL AN UNDERGRADUATE. so if you havent gone for any clinical rotations in some US hospital this item has to be marked 'NO' .

I am really cofused. I don't know what should I answer to this item.c

Can u help me please :sorry:

Thanks a lot
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The information that you read in another forum is correct and here's the detailed explanation that I previously gave here
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