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How I have prepared for Step 2 CS
First off I have been in US clinicals for years.

So I have spent 3 weeks in this order:

1st week orientation materials from the USMLE and reading over the minicases in First Aid CS

2nd week writing out Differentials and tests 5 for each case ( about 30 of them) then transitioning to writing full write up. Reviewing the practical exam.

3rd spent Writing Cases in full and then Practicing the whole thing last half of the week.

I have 3 days to practice before my test on Thurs Next week, will continue to practice the whole thing.

I used the example from the USMLE itself to practice the written format and this is my examples and tip:
Take a legal pad, make the marks with a permanent marker on the side to approximate the
Area for writing on the real note, it will bleed a little and you will see it as you write, print out the example note provided by the USMLE to use a guide.


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