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What I used to pass the USMLE Step 1.
White Board- Used this the most. Used it to draw out all my anatomy and equations and anything else you could think of. This is the best buy by far and most useful thing to have.
Physiology - Board Review Series (4th edition) - All you will need for physiology
Genetics- Board Review Series (1st edition)-
First Aid 2010 - Wrote notes in this as I went along with my studies
Dissecting the USMLE Steps 1, 2 and 3 -( the Pass Program book)
Neuroscience- USMLE Road Map - went through this book with a fine tooth comb. Used these pictures (see attached photos as my main study and it didn't let me down). Did the questions after each chapter.
Kaplan Anatomy Book- Special mention to this book, I used it as my main source for Upper and Lower Limbs. That's all USMLE Step 1 seems to test on besides the Neuro stuff.
PASS Videos
Kaplan Videos
Kaplan Medical Review Books (early on to get the stuff I was lacking from school)
First Aid Q & A for the USMLE Step 1 (book)
Review of Pathology Qbook (2nd Edition)
Biochemistry- Lippincotts 3rd edition
Made hard copy of Pharmacology Flashcards from the First Aid 2010 book
Made electronic flashcards of PASS Books and my Own
Qbanks- I got note pads and wrote down the explanations on questions I got wrong
- Kaplan (buy 1 month and you can use it forever by saving it to your desktop)
- USMLEworld
- NBMEs, bought the extended version and studied what I got wrong 1 month out
- Took NBME form 6- 7 days before exam and was 4 points out from my score.

I did over 10 000 (that's right 10 thousand questions) before I took the exam and passed. In fact, I took the 10 000 questions and then took 2 more NBMEs to make sure I was ready. I was very nervous still, but had some confidence going into the exam.

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Some more help.

thank you very much for this very useful post.

Can you please share your exam experience with us?
Which month you took the exam too if possbile.
And if you dont mind, please share your score too.
Your method seems to be very nice..thanks once again for this info.
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