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What is needed to have better chances for residency?

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hi there

Can any one tell me in general , about what makes me able to get better chances on residency programs

scores in step 1 step 2 ck and step 2 CS and the correlations with the opportunities the residency programs offer

how can years after graduation affect my chances ?

If there are no available residency programs in the specialty I want, can anything increase my chances like getting a MD degree from efficient medical system (as in Germany ), I know that to be eligible for step 3 you should be graduate from ACGME approved residency program, but after taking step 1 and step 2 ck and step cs and not getting the residency i want is a dramatic scenario for me , i know that it seems that i have confused information about the residency programs , but i want to get sure about the decision to take USMLE and the possibility of wasting time and money :eek:

i am about to take the decision to begin preparing for USMLE , i want to make sure that it worth it :(
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What are my chances in internal medicine residency?
You need to tell us your credentials so that we can help predict your chances.

My brother is also preparing for USMLE , he wants neurosurgery residency what are his chances?
Again, we need to know the credentials

What increases my chances to be accepted in residency program in internal medicine or neurosurgery?
High USMLE Scores, USCE, US LoRs, and Research

What are the best places for those two residencies ? how to get detailed information about them ?
Check the FREIDA website
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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