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What is the best USMLE Step 2 CK online Qbank?

  • [URL=]USMLE World Step 2 CK Qbank[/URL]

    Votes: 263 85.7%
  • [URL=

    Votes: 59 19.2%
  • [URL=]Score95 Step 2 CK Practice Questio

    Votes: 6 2.0%
  • [URL=]USMLERx Step 2 CK Qmax[/URL]

    Votes: 14 4.6%
  • [URL=]USMLEasy[/URL]

    Votes: 5 1.6%
  • [URL=]USMLE Consult Step 2 CK Qbank[/UR

    Votes: 10 3.3%
  • [URL=]Clinical Review Step 2 CK Review Course[/URL]

    Votes: 8 2.6%
  • [URL=]Exam Master Board Review for USMLE Step 2 CK Exami

    Votes: 8 2.6%
  • [URL=]USMLE Weapon[/URL]

    Votes: 7 2.3%

What is the best USMLE step 2 CK online Qbank?

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Post and Poll Options were last updated on December 24th, 2013.

In this poll we vote for the Best USMLE Step 2 CK Qbank (Question Bank).

Choice of Books Listed in the Poll
All available online Step 2 CK qbanks (Question Banks) that we are aware of are listed. Those qbanks that are outdated and not updated and their websites static are not listed.
If we have missed a Step 2 CK Qbank please tell us about it in the Step 2 CK Forum and we'll add it to this poll.

No Replies!
You will also notice that we move away or delete replies to this thread. This is because we want the focus on the poll above rather than discussion and comments. You can always check our Qbanks Tag for discussions about questions banks for the step 1 and step 2 CK exams.

Who should vote?
Please do not vote if you haven't used any of the qbanks above. Artificial inflation of votes by qbank authors and publishers will be detected and removed. Votes that are older than 18 months are automatically deleted.

Why books are linked in the poll options?
Qbank links are periodically updated to the latest editions and will take you to the original URLs.

You may also find the following polls interesting;

Happy voting!
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Best Usmle online Q bank

I belive it is u world.
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