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The difference between various USMLE World subscriptions is the duration only. It's the same qbank with the same number of questions for all durations of subscriptions.
You can use it you and your room mate but then you will be messing up with the analysis and the right and wrong questions. For example, if you friend did a block then you come after him and do "unused" questions then you won't have the chance to see the questions that he has done. Also the analysis will be messed up, like you won't know what is your percentage and what is his percentage.
I strongly recommend that you get a separate subscriptions.
As for how frequent they update their questions, then I think it's pretty frequently, like every couple of months they update, remove, and add questions.
If you plan on doing 2 months worth of questions, then pick the 3 month subscription. Reason is because everyone falls behind or you just need more time then you set out.
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