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What should be my steps for step3 ?

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Hi all,
I am a newbie in this forum. Greatly benefited from this forum for my CS prep. Just got my result on the 18th - I passed!

I would like some REAL advice from the experts of this forum (who have aced the step 3) as to give me some practical guidelines as to how I should do my prep. I have decided to give 3 months to my prep.

I also have some queries distilled from the threads of those in this forum:

  1. If I want to study 1 Kaplan book, which should it be - MTB(Step3) or QBank ?
  2. Do I absolutely need to study both of the above 2 books ?
  3. Is UW (Q bank + CCS) good enough or is this Archer course also necessary ?
  4. Do I also need to go through theory proper from Step 2 Kaplan material ?
  5. How should an IMG exactly go about the application procedure (as it is not in the USMLE website) ?

Thank you in anticipation :eek:
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Kaplan Master the Boards for USMLE Step 3 by Conrad Fischer is widely recognized as the single most reliable prep resource for USMLE Step 3 and this is portrayed in our

However, if you have previously been reading Kaplan Lecture Notes for the CK then you might consider just revising what you have already internalized and have a look here also

Kaplan Qbank is not a book. It's an online question bank.

My personal suggestion is to do Master the boards + one or two Qbanks and the best voted for QBanks according to our poll here is Kaplan Qbank and UW.

To apply for USMLE Step you need to go to this page
If you encounter problems there please let us know and we'll help
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