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What should be my steps for step3 ?

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Hi all,
I am a newbie in this forum. Greatly benefited from this forum for my CS prep. Just got my result on the 18th - I passed!

I would like some REAL advice from the experts of this forum (who have aced the step 3) as to give me some practical guidelines as to how I should do my prep. I have decided to give 3 months to my prep.

I also have some queries distilled from the threads of those in this forum:

  1. If I want to study 1 Kaplan book, which should it be - MTB(Step3) or QBank ?
  2. Do I absolutely need to study both of the above 2 books ?
  3. Is UW (Q bank + CCS) good enough or is this Archer course also necessary ?
  4. Do I also need to go through theory proper from Step 2 Kaplan material ?
  5. How should an IMG exactly go about the application procedure (as it is not in the USMLE website) ?

Thank you in anticipation :eek:
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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