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By today you should have got your LoRs ready (Read our LoR Guidelines) and you should have sent your documents to your designated Dean Office (ECFMG in the case of the IMG) and you can see

Now what?

There's a huge task in front of you during the next two weeks.

You should start researching programs and see which programs can potentially send you an interview.

Where to get the program list?
Of course the most famous website is FREIDA (Read about it here). The other list is found in your myERAS website itself where you can click programs tab then search programs.
However, both of these lists group programs by state first and then by specialty and therefore you won't get an idea of how many programs are in the whole USA for that particular specialty you are interested in.
I found the list available in this web page
Much more informative and can help you get an idea of the job that you have to during the next weeks.

If you are planning to apply for two or more huge specialties such IM and FM (almost 700 programs) then I suggest you get the help from the commercial search companies that can narrow the list for you according to your criteria. See this poll and thread for more information about these companies.

You can create a computer spreadsheet file such as Microsoft Excel in which you start building your own list. You can include columns such as name of program, state, IMG friendliness, scores needed, deadline of application, email and telephone contact, and what action you need to take for that particular program.

Prepare your Personal Statement:
You should also start working on your personal statement a process that may take days of intense work. Read our Guideline on how prepare your PS and you can also get help from PS writing services.

Get the rejections now better!
Each program you will apply for in ERAS (after 30 programs) will cost you $25 and that will sum up to a great deal of money if you will apply to vast number of residency programs. Therefore, it's a good idea to circumvent the ERAS and contact the programs directly now before you apply. Just ask them whether you are eligible or not and you have a good chance that they answer you nowadays before they become very busy when the application season starts in September.
If you get at least 8 replies telling you "DO NOT APPLY" then you have saved at least $200!
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