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Hi, i m new to this forum refered by one of the members here, she told me that members here guide very well, so i m here for some valuable advice.
I did
Kaplan diagnostic exam : 48 :(
(4 months later)
Kaplan simulated exam : 55% :(
(2 weeks later )
NBME : 330/ 185 :(
i have no idea where i stand now ,my aim is 240 / 99 :D
and i have three months planed for exam in jan 2011 but i need alot of guidence from seniors what to do next,
"my scores sucks":toosad: but "my aim rocks":D
i was using Kaplan, but now started Firstaid and doing kaplan q bank as now i understand firstaid much better than before.
Should i read kaplan books again as i get borred rather i like to do questions ?

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Here's my suggestion

Hi Dr Z,

Glad to have you here with us.

Here's my suggestion:
Keep doing question in Kaplan Qbank but whenever you see a question/explanation about a topic that you don't remember well, go and review it again in either Kaplan Notes or First Aid (which ever you feel comfortable with more).
Keep doing that until you start to get over 60% correct of the block. Do timed, random blocks.
When you reach that level go and do another NBME and you should see your score improved.
Then start doing USMLE World questions continuously until your exam day.

Another, note. See your NBME report and if there's a discipline that is significantly weaker than others then focus on that discipline in your review.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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