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What would u suggest??

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Hello everyone,

I have been studying step 1 for 8 months, but as far I couldn't get any higher score than 450(=214) in nbme tests I got disappointed and I didn't take the test....:notsure:

Today, one year after I decided to at least give a shot..I am already studying 1 and a half month, but still the nbme7 remained low: 460(=216)...
I have studied everything: Goljan, kaplan notes, uw qbank, kaplan qbank, student consult, BRS physio...but still no progression..My performance is almost similar in all the topics...In uwsa tests however my performance was 550..Much better, but I know they are not so predictive..

Pls what would you suggest me to do? I am an IMG and I need a high score.
Furthermore, I have done all the NBME tests (big mistake) and I don't know for how long I should keep studying...When I will understand that I can purcase a 95+...

Any inputs are very welcomed..
Thank u for your time
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:confused:Maybe I was too nervous when I was taking the nbme tests, as long I knew that they are very crucial for my final performance...
Who knows??
I'll try my best for 1 month more and I will take the test this time, no matter what!
I'll let you know for my progress:)
Thank u again!!
Its good if you are feeling positive. And its nice to read from the posts what mistakes can be made even after rigorous studying. ALL THE BEST and do let us know how you do. :)
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