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What would u suggest??

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Hello everyone,

I have been studying step 1 for 8 months, but as far I couldn't get any higher score than 450(=214) in nbme tests I got disappointed and I didn't take the test....:notsure:

Today, one year after I decided to at least give a shot..I am already studying 1 and a half month, but still the nbme7 remained low: 460(=216)...
I have studied everything: Goljan, kaplan notes, uw qbank, kaplan qbank, student consult, BRS physio...but still no progression..My performance is almost similar in all the topics...In uwsa tests however my performance was 550..Much better, but I know they are not so predictive..

Pls what would you suggest me to do? I am an IMG and I need a high score.
Furthermore, I have done all the NBME tests (big mistake) and I don't know for how long I should keep studying...When I will understand that I can purcase a 95+...

Any inputs are very welcomed..
Thank u for your time
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you should be fine on the step according to your performance on your qbanks and friend jest got his result back and he got a 217/92, he also took all of his nbme's and averaging a 460, his performance on the UW was 57% and he still managed to get a 92 you should easily get a 95+ or even hopefully a 99...
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